We inspect and clean your holiday home by arrangement. This is a cost for the tenant and is charged according to the size of the apartment. Payment is made on site by agreement. Cleopatra Rentals stands for - Vacuuming of floors - Moping of floors - Cleaning of mirrors and glass surfaces (easier cleaning) - Visible floors and door moldings are wiped off - Wiping of all kitchen surfaces incl. tile - Exterior: kitchen doors, fridge, freezer, stove, fan, oven and dishwasher - Inside: fridge, freezer and microwave - Cleaning of sink, bathroom cabinet, shower, bath and toilet - Floor drain is cleaned if necessary - Washing of sheets, kitchen towels and shower towels. - Cleaning of patio by tenant - Cleaning the patio before the tenant arrives Addition - Window plaster - Window cleaning balcony - Extra laundry

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