Do you own a home in Alanya and the surrounding area that you want to rent when you are not there? Weekly or monthly? Cleopatra Rentals will help you with this. In addition to our own website, we advertise your house on all our social channels and our goal is to give your tenants a wonderful, personal and memorable stay in your holiday home. With our social media, we want to inspire your tenants to have the best experience here in Turkey.

A prerequisite for us to rent out is that your housing association allows renting or has no other restrictions for renting. We have all the permits needed for this. We send passport copies to the police / Jandarma.

We do recommend that you even take our service; Supervision or Keyholding.

Rights and obligations

1. In the event of any complaints about the home and its condition, the tenant must report these immediately after arrival via email to camilla@dreamaway.nu with attached photos so that we have the opportunity to correct them. Otherwise, the home is seen handed over in good condition and thus can not be complained about at a later stage.

2. If a possible damage / deficiency on arrival or during the rental period means that the tenant cannot live in the holiday home, Cleopatra Rentals will help to find an equivalent holiday home for the current rental period.

3. Cleopatra Rentals takes no responsibility for the complaints that the tenant may have against the owner of the home, as we only act as agents.

4. The tenant must contact Cleopatra Rentals no later than 14 days before arrival and notify arrival and departure time. In case of unavoidable delay on the day of arrival, the tenant must notify camillamansson@dreamaway.nu or text to

+46 727 20 50 50.

5. You must take good care of the home and follow the rules, instructions and regulations that apply. The tenant is obliged to leave the home in the same condition as when it was taken over. The tenant is financially responsible for all damage that occurs to the home or its equipment. We do a final inspection of the apartment before the guest leaves.

6. The tenant may not use the home for anything other than a holiday, unless otherwise agreed when booking. 7. The holiday home with associated plot may only be inhabited by the number of people that is allowed and must be named when booking, including children regardless of age.

8. Cleaning takes care of special staff and this is paid as a supplement to the rental amount by the tenant.


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