It's nice to be able to come down to their property and just be able to enjoy the holiday !? We also offer this service, which of course can be done at any time of the year. Ventilate out of the apartment Wash / ventilate all pillows & duvets All cabinets / drawers in the kitchen are wet-dried both inside and outside Wipe out cutlery box Clean the washing machine / dishwasher compartment Wash all windows Thorough cleaning of balcony Cleaning of wells Cleaning of all filters Replacement of any water filter Wet drying of moldings and doors Vacuuming of ceilings and walls Cleaning of kitchen fan, stove, oven and microwave Cleaning of all lamps, where dead insects are removed Washing of other textiles such as curtains, bedspreads etc. Control of consumables such as cleaning materials, batteries for remote controls, light bulbs and smoke alarms All floors are vacuumed or swept clean, even under furniture All surfaces are dust dried All tiled surfaces, both in the kitchen and bathroom, are wet dried Bathroom is thoroughly cleaned Get in touch for a quote


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