When Alanya's harbor was to be built in 1948, Damlatas Cave was discovered by chance. There is a constant temperature of 22-23 degrees inside the cave. However, the humidity is usually more than 90%. The climate that prevails inside Damlatasgrottan is said to have good effects on those who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma. It is so well known that doctors prescribe time inside the cave for patients, which means that the cave is reserved for them every morning. (Damlatas Cave is located where Cleopatra Beach ends and it is a great contrast to the tranquility of the cave compared to the city's pulse and life. Inside the cave it is full of stalactites and stalagmites that are thousands of years old. When you enter the cave it is like a large open hall full of stalactites throughout the roof.The formations that have arisen are fantastic and can make your imagination flow.Together with the tranquility and climate, this has made the cave one of the city's most famous and well-visited tourist destinations.

For those of you who want to test a challenge that you may have never done before, rafting is an excellent option. In the area around Alanya, there are a few different places to try out the fast-paced activity, such as in Köprülü Canyon National Park. The rapids can start from the town of Beskonak where the cold water comes flowing from the Taurus Mountains. Here, an excursion to beautiful nature is really combined with a high degree of adrenaline. Several companies organize excursions that include pick-up at one's hotel, about two hours in the rapids and even a lunch eaten on land. Usually you are 8-12 people in a raft that goes down with the help of experienced guides. Safety is high and life jackets and helmets are always used. The two to three hours spent rushing forward with a guide on the boat guarantee excitement and an unforgettable moment. However, there is no requirement to be able to swim, precisely because you wear a life jacket. This can be a very fun outing for the whole family as you do not need to have any experience. However, pregnant women and people with heart problems should not try this fast-paced activity. Some companies offer the opportunity to choose between the usual fleet for several people or the slightly more adventurous canoes or kayaks. For those who are even more daring and feel for even more adventure and adrenaline, there is sometimes the opportunity on these trips to also try body rafting. This means that you raft without a raft and only use your life jacket.

Do you want to swim one day without being on the beach? Then Alanya Aquapark is perfect. The park is located in central Alanya and is not difficult to find. Here, both adults and children can happily stay busy for a whole day. The park has, among other things, water slides, swimming pools and sun loungers. There is a lot to choose from within the 62,000 m2 area.

 The park is located in central Alanya and is easy to find. Here the whole family, old and young, can happily stay busy for a whole day. The park has, among other things, water slides, swimming pools and sun loungers. There are lots of water slides and they are also differently designed to suit different ages. The smaller children probably have just as much fun in the calmer and smaller canoes as the older ones have in the big and cool rides. There is also a free fall for the brave and for those who want to go two at the same time there is a course where you can go "boat". In addition to the slides, you can rest in sun loungers and the adventurous can try rafting with a canoe or jump bungee jumps. Alanya Aquapark has both cafes and a restaurant so that the visitor can easily get something to drink or eat. In addition to drinks, the cafés also offer simple snacks such as sandwiches, fruit and ice cream, while the restaurant has pizza, spaghetti and burgers when needed to be replenished with energy.

As there are many children moving in the park, it is nice to know that the safety is quite high. At the beginning of the slides, there are usually staff who make sure that no one goes too close to the one before. Even at the end of the canyon, there is usually someone who keeps track of no one hitting or colliding.

For those who want to enjoy beautiful views, we can recommend a ride on the cable car up to the castle. It is open 09.00-21.00. You go to Elite restaurant, and pay 28 lira t.o.r. (You can also buy one-way tickets if you would rather go down then) There may be some queues, but it is usually quick to get there anyway. Once up, you can walk around narrow alleys and look at fine crafts, handmade clothes, etc. that are also sold. Then you also have a lot of small cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a good piece of food or just a cold Efe.

If you are in Alanya, you must not miss taking one of the big, wonderful pirate ships out to sea! There is plenty to choose from, but most go around the port of Alanya, past Kleopatra Beach and then on to a beautiful bay where you can also swim. You are picked up at the hotel, placed on a sunbed on the sun deck, and then you enjoy the sun and swimming all day. Lunch included. Foam parties are usually a fun part of these trips, and you have the chance to see dolphins.

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