There are hundreds of restaurants, cafes and bars in Alanya. Many are located on Ataturk, a lot down by the beach and across the bazaar and harbor. For those looking for nightclubs, there are a lot down by the harbor area. Turkish cuisine is known around the world for its good food, there is food for all tastes. And they usually offer an outstanding service! They do everything in their power to make you as a guest happy! Just say what you want and they will fix it! Many restaurants also have free Pickup service, which usually works very well!


Oscars; a stone's throw from the house, on the parallel street is this restaurant where many Scandinavians gather to eat and drink well. They also have live music and dancing

Elite; our absolute favorite! A must visit at least once when you are here. Best location if you want to have a drink in the sun on Cleopatra, almost down by the beach. Good food, cool drinks, fine wines, great service, yes they have it all! And if you are there, you should definitely try their Chateaubriande which they flambé for you next to the table 😊 Quiz on Wednesdays and live music on Saturdays.

Mezze Grill; a restaurant, at Ataturk, for you who love meat dishes! Here you get proper portions. La Gardenia; up in the castle, in a beautiful garden, is this restaurant with stunning views of the sea and Cleopatra. Good food and good wines! They also have free pickup service if you book a table 😊

Merlot Food & Drink; with beautiful views of the East Shore and the harbor area. Here, in addition to being good at food, they are also knowledgeable about wines. So cozy to sit and watch as the ships go in and out of the harbor.

Green Garden; very cozy restaurant a stone's throw from the apartment right on the beach. Great food and good wines.

Göl Picnic; is located about 20 minutes from Alanya, in Dim Cay. Here, along the icy river that empties from the mountains, several restaurants have been built in the middle of the water. One of them is called Göl Piknik and is well worth a visit. It serves food from breakfast to dinner. The area also has slides, swings and a pool. Very nice!

In Vie Beach; is located on the East side, with beautiful views of the sea and the castle. Very nice service, good food and good drinks!

Eve restaurant; is located at Ataturk. Very cozy restaurant that often has live music. Fine meat and good wines.

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