Anyone who loves shopping has something to look forward to in Alanya. Here there are shops and markets where most things can be found. In other words, the shopping enthusiast should pack the bag lightly or buy a new one on the spot. One thing you should keep in mind when shopping in the city is that it is bargaining that applies to almost everything. If the goods do not have a price tag, then you should bargain. Preferably all the way down to half the price, to make a good deal. However, this varies from product to product. The rule says that if the seller is still happy when you have paid for your purchased goods, you can consider whether you might have tried to lower the price a little more. You will find the best prices on goods produced in the country. If, on the other hand, you want imported goods, it is about the same price as in Scandinavia. Since many major clothing brands have licensed their production to Turkey, it is possible to find good quality at good prices. Brands such as Replay, Hugo Boss, Diesel and Lacoste are some that are produced in the country. Of course, there is also plagiarism of all kinds, which does not always have to mean poor quality. There is more to spend money on than clothes in this shopping-friendly city. Here are the traditional hand-knotted rugs, each of which is unique and has ingenious, significant symbols. If you want a quality rug, however, it is good to check knot density, yarn quality, origin and in cases where it is also possible what the rug is for age. Alanya is a nugget of gold when it comes to jewelry. A lot of gold is sold here and many of the small shops even have their own goldsmiths. However, you should keep in mind that gold jewelry here is usually made of 14 carat gold.

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